TMI takes pride in being able to incorporate current and emerging technologies into its Air Handling Unit (AHU) designs. TMI has incorporated Fan Array Systems into AHUs where this technology can bring benefit to the project.

Advantages of TMI Fan Array

Lower Noise Output

Smaller direct drive fans produce higher frequency sound which is easier to attenuate. Acoustically lined enclosure significantly reduces sound output often eliminating the need for upstream and downstream sound attenuation

Reduced Footprint

Sound attenuation upstream and downstream of the fans is often not required, significantly shortening the unit length. Fan sections shorter than a traditional unit with a single larger fan

Increased Redundancy

Should a fan or motor fail, the VFD can be adjusted to bring the array closer to, or back, to the design volume. That would eliminate a critical situation caused by prolonged reduced airflow

Simplified Maintenance

Due to redundancy, equipment replacements are no longer an emergency. Smaller fans and motors are easier to remove and replace. No belts or pulleys to replace.

Increased Efficiency & Lower Energy Consumption

Increased flexibility to create energy efficient designs. More efficient air distribution. Direct drive fans eliminate drive loss from belts and pulleys. Reduced static loss due to elimination of sound attenuators and air blenders

Optional Features

Integral flow measurement systems that do not degrade fan performance. A variety of fan isolation options including: blank off plate, gravity damper, motorized damper, or the TMI Fan Array™ Backflow Preventer(PP