ECO Controls

The TMI ECO (Energy and Climate Optimization) Controls platform creates a turnkey solution to air handler operation. ECO controls can work as a standalone platform, or within the framework of a BMS system. The platform includes an intuitive, user-friendly touchscreen interface that provides building operators with the information they need to monitor the equipment, while making it easy to change settings or set points. The ECO controller provides precise control for a variety of applications.

Why Choose ECO Controls?

With a large selection of system feedback tools and alarms available, our ECO Controls allow you to:

Ensure that your system is always performing at optimum efficiency.

Guarantee the longstanding performance and value of your system.

Reduce lifecycle costs ensuring the best ROI on your investment.

Access key unit performance information that would normally require manual field measurements.

Easily navigate quickly to critical information that would normally require scrolling through numerous difficult text only menus.

Easy trouble shooting through active alarm feedback and logging.

Monitor your energy requirements and distinguish your institution as an environmental leader by reducing your carbon footprint.