Construction Standards & Architectural Siding

Industrial Construction

TMI's Standard 3+1 No Thru Metal Construction offers many siding options. Material options include G90 galvanized, stucco embossed or mill finished aluminum, and vertical & horizontal architectural siding panels.

Architectural Siding

TMI Industrial Construction

This is a cost effective alternative to our standard 3"+1" construction for applications that do not require thermal isolation. This construction offers a smooth interior and exterior finish. The inner panel system can be manufactured from G90 galvanized steel, mill finished aluminum, or stainless steel. The exterior can be made from stucco embossed aluminum, or factory pre-coated (available in a wide array of standard colors, as well as custom colors). Download the Standard Construction information sheet.

Siding Colors and Textures

TMI provides a variety of standard colors and can custom match colors. We can work with the architect or contractor, for field installed architectural siding. Custom coating options are available to enhance the appearance of the unit. Textured Pearlescent and Mica coatings are available for an additional cost. Download the Siding Colors and Textures information sheet.

Coating Systems

Flurofinish® (PVDF) is a durable polyvinylidene fluoride coating system containing 70% Kynar 500®/Hylar 5000® resins. Flourofinish is a good choice for architectural applications.