DePaul Theater School • Custom Air Handling Unit
March 28, 2019
Levin Courthouse • Modular Penthouse
March 27, 2019
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NYU purchased Forbes Magazine headquarters in downtown New York City, with plans of a complete renovation that would allow the property to be used for classrooms and office spaces. Facility managers from NYU sought a solution that would reduce schedule pressure and work well with the current building.


NYU decided to explore a modular Mechanical Penthouse solution from TMI Climate Solutions instead of the rooftop mechanical equipment room. The TMI Solution provided a Modular Mechanical Penthouse consisting of 4,500 MBH total from boilers required for building heat during renovations, combined with a 105,000 cfm Air Handling Unit, 460 tons of cooling, and all piping, electrical, controls, and structural commodities. Prefabricated and tested at TMI’s facility, the mechanical penthouse took only 11 weeks for fabrication to site and less than two days to install.”

Why NYU Forbes Chose Modular vs Field Construction

Delivery Schedule 11 Weeks from the start of fabrication to shipment meant owner could meet their needs for heat during the renovation. Ease of Installation The Modular Solution was installed over a weekend. Minimal Disruption to Site The rooftop installation meant minimal interference with other trades involved in renovations. Cost Savings Total installed cost benefits versus other options that were explored.


The TMI Modular Mechanical Penthouse, shipped in fifteen modular sections, was installed over the course of a weekend to minimize disruption to the site and reduce impact to the local street traffic. Each section was set into place on a structural steel base which was designed to equally distribute the weight of the penthouse so that the structural integrity of the building and the mechanical penthouse would be maintained. The single source approach by TMI allowed the general contractor to meet their mechanical room construction deadlines by managing labor, weather, and installation risk through an ISO 9001:2008 quality controlled manufacturing process. TMI is also an NYC approved manufacturer, which is a requirement of the NYC Department of Buildings to ensure quality standards. With these important certifications in place, combined a fixed upfront price for the solution, thorough documentation, and quality control testing throughout, the owner could rest assured that the overall project costs were being kept in budget.

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