DePaul Theater School • Custom Air Handling Unit
March 28, 2019
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Lock Haven University received a grant for their new East Campus Science Center including the 90,000 CFM penthouse- equipment room, with a stipulation for this grant, that the unit was to be a made in America Unit. This required all steel, fasteners, piping and etc., to be sourced from within the United States. TMI Climate Solutions was ready to go, with our in-house engineering, fabrication, and manufacturing facilities, located just an hour north of Detroit, in Holly, Michigan.


Lock Haven University is a big part of the Lock Haven community, a quaint city with a population of under 10,000. When the university needed more space for a science center, with science labs and classrooms; they purchased the old Lock Haven High School. The community wanted to be sure that the buildings' façade on West Church street would harmonize with the historic district neighborhood. The Historic District Advisory Committee also questioned the size of the mechanical installations on the roof and expressed that sound would also be a big concern.

Efficiency and Recycling were also a priority for the Lock Haven University project. The expectation for the new Science Center was to use local materials as much as possible to save energy and cost involved in transportation. Also, in the process of tearing down part of the old school, Lock Haven recycled the current masonry and concrete, to use in the parking lots and other hardscaped areas.


The unit included 4 Natural Gas Lochinvar Condensing Boilers, 25:1 turndown modulating burner, with a built-in cascading sequencer. Because our unit would be providing air to the science labs, all air needed to be clean. TMI used 2 stations of UV lights with Nortec Evaporative media humidifiers, which featured intelligent microprocessor control, to handle water management, staging, as well as hygienic flushing and washing cycles. All pumps were run on VFD for maximum Cost savings.
To further assist with the energy savings on the project, TMI used heat recovery coils, to recycle existing heat from return air, saving 692.5 mbtuh. We also included HeatPipe Technology, to recover more heat to use as free reheat after the cooling coils, for an additional savings of 605.83 mbtuh for the project.
TMI choose fans with premium efficient motors, that provided better static efficiency. To address the community's concerns around sound, TMI installed three rows of sound attenuators to provide the quietest unit operation available.
All equipment was operated though TMI supplied controls, link through Modbus Communications and SMART TOUCH PC software, for ease of use.
Since Lock Haven is a popular and growing university, TMI designed the equipment room with space for future expansion.

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