Cone Memorial Hospital RetroFit • Fan Array
March 26, 2019
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Michigan Medicine’s West Ann Arbor Health Center- opened its more than 75,000 sq. ft. facility on Nov. 27, 2017. This new facility looks to serve more than 250,000 patients annually from Ann Arbor and the surrounding areas, offering convenient access to a complete health center for patients, including ambulatory care, radiology, primary and specialty care services. Early in the building process MA Engineering reached out to TMI Climate Solutions to provide this facility with a custom boiler penthouse to provide all hot water heating and domestic hot water for the entire facility.


In the end, TMI provided a complete turnkey 3,000 MBH boiler penthouse that included;

• Three (3) 1,000 MBH Hot Water Condensing Boilers w/ 20:1 Turndown capacity
• Two (2) 15 HP Base Mounted End Suction Pumps rated for 300 GPM @ 80’ Head w/ Manual Isolation Valves
• Check Valves, and Suction Diffusers
• Expansion Tank w/ 59 Gallon Volume
• Air Separator
• Type L Copper Piping
• Two (2) 800 MBH Gas Fired Domestic Water Heaters w/ 18:1 Turndown
• Three (3) Electric Steam Generators rated for 96.9 lbs./hr.
• RO Water System
• 480V Power Distribution Panel
• Turbine Type flow Meters for Hot Water Return
• 15 HP VFD’s for the End Suction Pumps
• Factory Installed customer supplied controls
• Electrical Certification.

This solution freed up important square footage within the building, allowing it to be utilized for core building functions such as exam rooms, clinics and patient and staff support spaces. It also allowed construction times to be accelerated by having everything pre-installed within the penthouse at the factory. Which made it ready to use shortly after being lifted on to the roof.


After the day and a half installation and commissioning were complete the owners and engineers were very pleased. TMI has supplied the Health Center with a unit that met all of their needs while exceeding their expectations. When asked about the project, the engineer remarked, “TMI provided extremely high-quality craftsmanship and excellent service” and when it came to working with the in-house engineering and project management teams, ‘the opportunity to meet at the plant and review drawings and construction progress was particularly valuable’.

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