Custom DX Refrigeration

DX Condensing Units

TMI Climate Solutions manufactures a complete line of Custom Refrigeration Units as a solution for your HVAC needs. Our refrigeration units are a combination of different types of compressors, heat rejection circuits, heating and cooling coils, and integrated controls. They are designed for singular and modular arrangements that easily split into sections for shipment and reattachment in the field. A standard unit can include single or multiple power feeds. It can also include design features for low sound, ease of maintenance, integration into existing and new air handling systems, and free-cooling coils. Types of refrigeration systems include the following: packaged RTUs, split systems, air-to-air and water loop heat pumps.

Choose TMI for Custom DX Refrigeration

TMI provides stand-alone, custom refrigeration systems, adding more specialty equipment than just cooling or heating coils. Our Custom DX units are also designed with integration in mind. This integration includes sharing maintenance clearance and integrating controls systems, thus allowing our customers to have just one unit instead of three separate units. TMI also includes steam systems, pump systems and full utility systems within our penthouses or stand-alone modular plants, providing a truly complete custom mechanical room or penthouse.

Main Features

Stainless Steel, Aluminum, or Galvanized construction material

Scroll or Screw compressors up to 100 ton circuits

VFD driven compressors for ultra high efficiency

Reduced Footprint

Low Sound Design

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