Custom DX Systems

Custom DX Systems

Custom solutions are the best choice for any renovation or new construction project, because they offer the flexibility of tailoring the solution to your specific application providing you with the highest levels of efficiency and reliability

Choose TMI for Custom Air Cooled System

TMI’s Custom DX Solutions are delivered as a completely packaged unit to your site – no more confusion to manage. Our DX solution saves you from the headaches that come with all the demands of on-site coordination of deliveries, field assembles and trades while continuing to provide you with the highest levels of efficiency and reliability in the industry. Every solution we build is engineered for longevity to protect your investment in the project. When you work with TMI you know that you’ll receive a solution backed by nearly 40 years of superior manufacturing and design experience.

Design Principles


We offer several pre-engineered air-cooled condenser module sizes configured as a single circuit, which can be combined together for larger or multiple circuit systems


All circuits include standard, key components to prolong equipment life


Condenser fans come standard with an EC (electronically commutated) motor, which modulate in parallel to maintain head pressure set point and provide a very low sound design and superior efficiency at part loads


Our condenser coils are circuited with an integral subcooler, which ensures liquid subcooling upstream of the EEV (electronic expansion valve) that are easier to set up and service as compared to mechanical expansion valves

Stability and Serviceability

Units should run in a safe and predictable manner at any ambient condition under any load condition and all serviceable components shall have adequate service access and clearance
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