TMI Works With Many Markets

For more than 30 years, TMI Climate Solutions has been committed to manufacturing the highest quality custom air handling units and advanced hydronic systems while offering superior customer satisfaction. TMI designs and manufactures with our customer’s needs at the forefront. Our team of highly trained engineers understands the need to design and develop cutting edge systems and maintaining the best in the industry practices, to meet the ever changing markets we serve.  Each system is designed to offers quality and flexibility as the backbone of our HVAC solutions.  From the concept stage through the manufacturing process our HVAC systems are tailored to promote optimal efficiencies and sustainability to the owner.  We achieve this by reducing noise levels, lowering leakage and improving energy efficiencies.  TMI offers turnkey solutions whether the unit is shipped assembled or on-site assembly of our knock-down unit is preferred.  These are just a few of the unique solutions our team brings to each system to achieve a higher level of comfort.

Automotive and General Industrial

TMI Climate Solutions rigorous standards driven internally through our highly competitive engineering team and externally with the evolving Automotive/Industrial Markets make us among the most competitive worldwide. Through specialization in the design and engineering phase, each air handling unit and advanced hydronic system exceed the highest tolerances and specifications established by industry standards.  Every system manufactured is uniquely constructed to meet the footprint and capability requirements of the customer.  TMI offers green solutions that incorporate energy efficient innovation to minimize energy consumption and operation costs which are vital for automotive and industrial facilities. As a solution based company TMI eliminates risk for our customers by being both flexible and responsive to the customers design needs.  

Download the Ford Engine Chiller Plant information sheet.

Healthcare and Institutional

TMI Climate Solutions manufactures custom air handling units for the Health Care and Institutional Markets with the understanding that Critical Air is of the utmost importance.  Critical air control systems and adherence to stringent standards are built at the inception stage of each unit. Air handling units are customized to meet the tolerances of each unique clean room environment.  TMI understands that redundancy and reliability are vital for these critical operations. That is why TMI builds in reliability and redundancy into each unit while offering N+1 to ensure the highest indoor air quality. Adherence to ambient air purification requirements of airflow conditions is essential. Our systems achieve this through fan array technology, energy recovery, No Thru Metal technology, and HEPA filtration systems to offer the highest quality air flow. In addition to custom air units, TMI builds in reliability and redundancy into our modular central plants, including N+1 and N+2 redundant chiller plants, to ensure increased reliability while minimizing potential for downtime. For our Institutional Market, universities can optimize campus HVAC operations through our modular plants and pumping systems. Whether new construction or working with existing space, TMI designs and manufactures solutions to fit your custom needs. This is how we deliver a higher level of comfort.

Data Centers

TMI Climate Solutions understands the HVAC needs of mission critical environments demand much from their HVAC systems. Controlling energy consumption and operating cost are vital for any data center.  Installing energy efficient HVAC systems allow more power to be available where it is needed and keep operating cost to a minimum. Delivering custom solutions, such as Custom DX Units, Variable Speed Pumping Systems, Custom Air Cooled Chiller, Modular Chiller Plants and Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Systems which provide energy cost savings. TMI also builds N+1 and N+2 redundancy chiller plants which include redundancy in the integrated control systems. Our goal is to provide the lowest PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) through our innovative products.  TMI works with the user to deliver the best solution to their unique requirements while providing innovative, energy and cost efficient, customized solutions for all their HVAC needs. In the ever demanding 24/7/365 environment, our products meet or exceed the industry standards for achieving the highest levels of efficiency and reliability, and give our customers a higher level of confidence and satisfaction in their HVAC systems.


Government facilities are built to last decades, and must maintain the highest safety requirements in the world.  Whether the unit is engineered for an embassy, airport, defense, or research facility our systems are tailored to reduce energy usage and positively affect the bottom line of each facility. In an industry where adherence to specifications is crucial to achieve containment, isolation and filtration, our team of engineers use innovative technology to meet these challenges. TMI provides VIM (Variable Inlet Modules) that modulate fan performance between large volume swings while maintaining the ability to operate at high static pressures and allow for complete shut-off of airflow, even while the fan is operating at full speed in a little as 2 seconds. TMI engineers in accordance with the BSL (Biosafety Level) specifications that are designated for the facilities in which they support. Our extensive understanding of these requirements allows us to deliver sustainable performance thus, exceed customer expectations.

Download the SAIC-Frederick information sheet.