Kool C.A.T.

Critical air technology: kool c.a.t.™

TMI Climate Solutions is pleased to introduce the next generation of VAV (Variable Air Volume) Technology- the Kool C.A.T.™ (Critical Air Technology). The Kool C.A.T.™ fills the void for a responsive, energy-saving, all-purpose device for those critical environments that demand rapid response, with tight temperature and humidity control. VAV boxes have been used to temper final air conditions by re-heating or raising the already tempered air being supplied from the facilities' HVAC Supply System. New and existing systems require full volume of air to be cooled, only to then be re-heated. In many cases this results in lost energy, higher heating & cooling costs, higher acquisition costs, and higher operating cost.

Download the Kool C.A.T. Air Handling Unit information sheet.

The energy-saving merits and reliably of VAV technology is well known and used throughout the commercial building industry. The introduction of cooling into this technology, a new standard for a LEED Building is being formed. The Kool C.A.T.™ incorporates a cooling coil, humidifier, and a re-heat coil. This allows the Central Plant to operate more efficiently at a lower cost.

The Kool C.A.T.™ provides precise room control in minutes, instead of hours, without energy loss previously associated with lower air temperatures for a single room or suite. Kool C.A.T.™ has been designed to improve facility operations in the following ways:

  • Lower Energy Consumption
  • Improved Tenant / Employee Comfort
  • Higher Surgeon Retention
  • Increased Indoor Air Quality

sizes and options available

  • Standard sizes will be available in 500 CFM increments, starting at: 2.0k, 2.5k, 3.0k, 3.5k, and ending at 4.0k units
  • Booster fan
  • Electrical heating coil
  • Steam heating coil
  • UV lights
  • DX cooling coil
  • Air flow monitor

Construction details

  • 2" Double Wall Construction
  • No Thru Metal Thermal Isolation
  • Pre-Piped Including Control Valves
  • Pre-Wired to a Single Point Connection