EZY FIT™ Extruded Panel System

Custom Air Handling Unit Overview

TMI Climate Solutions offers the solution of choice for knockdown construction, our EZY FIT™ panel system. EZY FIT™ panels solve many of the common issues that arise when replacing an air handling unit. Mechanical rooms with small spaces and limited accessibility are no match for our EZY FIT™ panels. They are ideal for any retrofit project when replacing a unit in an existing building. EZY FIT™ panels are site built in lieu of being completed in our factory. EZY FIT™ panels are palletized equipment and shipped to the site for installation. Because they ship on pallets, when installing at the site, the panels can easily be maneuvered through hallways, corridors, and through any tight space. TMI supervises the install of EZY FIT™. TMI engineers, prior to design, will visit the site to ensure everything fits for an easy install. TMI offers two varieties of EZY FIT™, our Generation 1.0 Panel System and our Generation 2.0 Panel System.

Download the Gen 1 EZY Fit Air Handling Unit and Gen 2 EZY Fit Air Handling Unit information sheet.

ezy fit™ generation 1.0

Key Features Include:

  • 3" thermal break panels and framing
  • All panels injected with urethane foam on a heated press to a density of 2.5 lb./ft²
  • Extruded aluminum frame with integral thermal break allows for easy assembly. Panels are to include an integral barbed gasket for proper sealing into extruded aluminum framing members (unique to Gen 1.0)
  • Panels can be made from a variety of materials including galvanized steel, aluminum, or stainless. Finishes such as stucco embossed aluminum or painted exterior
  • Housing suitable for as little as 1/2% leakage at 12" w.c.

ezy fit™ generation 2.0

  • Available in a 2" standard panel or a 3" & 4" thermal break panel (unique to Generation 2.0)
  • All panels injected with urethane foam on a heated press to density of 2.5 lb./ft²
  • Overlapping design with a gasket connection, individually removable for easy assembly (unique to Gen 2.0)
  • Housing can be designed for leakage as low as 1/2% at 12" w.c.