ECblue Motor Technology

Custom Air Handling Unit Overview

TMI Climate Solutions understands the need of having energy efficiency, redundancy, and flexibility within the fan system of an air handling or condensing unit. TMI can incorporate the ECblue motor technology in our Fan Array™ design to best meet those needs for our customers.

Download the EC Blue Motor Air Handling Unit information sheet.

What is an ec motor

Electronically commutated (EC) motors are highly efficient, programmable, brushless DC motors utilizing a permanent magnet rotor and a built-in inverter. Basically, it is a DC motor (in a DC motor the mechanical commutation switches the direction of the current) with a built-in VFD and a DC to AC transformer. However in EC motors, the mechanical commutation and the brushes are replaced by an electrical commutation. The major advantages are that they are extremely efficient, especially at reduced speeds compared to traditional motors. Also, they have a built-in speed controller eliminating the need for a separate VFD. (At this time they are only available up to about 6.5 hp.)

Why are EC Motors more efficient than AC Motors?

  • EC motors are electronically commutated synchronous motors. No slip between electrical rotating fields (stator) and mechanical speed on shaft (rotor) due to the permanent magnets. (Slip means that the speed of the electrical rotating fields is higher than the mechanical speed on shaft.)
  • Insignificant rotor losses, rotor magnet field is created by the permanent magnets.
  • With an asynchronous AC motor, the rotor magnet field is caused by an induced current in the short circuited rotor windings→Losses
  • All TMI external rotor motors are asynchronous AC motors (Slip)
  • Most of these are voltage controllable, so we say the motors are "soft"→Higher Slip (Higher Losses)

advantages of ecblue™

  • Lower Initial Cost
    With the simple open design, fan units with this style of fan will have a lower first cost compared to large housed fans.
  • Energy Savings
    Using the high effect DC motors, fans will use significantly less energy than conventional fans, even when compared at full volume operation. With the ability to control the flow by varying the fan speed without the need for a separate variable frequency drive, fans can be turned down for significant additional energy savings.
  • Redundancy
    Fans are supplied in a TMI Fan Array™ consisting of a bank of multiple fans, so if there us ever a problem with one of the fans the unit can maintain airflow with other fans speeding up to compensate.
  • Interchangeability
    Since the fans are in a multiple fan array, a single fan size can be used to cover a wide range of different units allowing the facility to stock only one fan and motor assembly. Fan assemblies are extremely light weight, with one entire assembly weighing less than a standard 15 horse power motor.
  • Space Savings
    The use of the ECblue Fan Array™ can drastically reduce the housing required for the units while improving the air velocity profile at the same time.
  • Reduced Noise
    Fans are mounted in acoustically lined modules and the total assembly will be much more quiet than a conventional fan. Typically at least 10% less noise is generated by the entire Fan Array™ than even the noise from just the bare housed fan without even considering the added sound from the motors and drives.
  • Reduced Maintenance
    Since the fans are direct drive, there are no belts to change out, no fan bearings that need to be lubricated, and the motors include maintenance free "lifetime lubrication".