Boiler Plants

an advanced hydronics solution

TMI Climate Solutions manufactures a complete line of Modular Boiler Plants as a solution for your HVAC needs.  Our boiler plants are a combination of different types of boiler and pumping arrangements for hot water systems.  Boiler plants are classified as condensing or non-condensing systems and include associated pumping and control systems.  Designed for singular and modular arrangements, they easily split into sections for shipment and reattachment in the field.

A standard unit can include single or multiple power feeds.  It also includes controls and ancillary plant devices such as lighting, convenience outlets, and house HVAC.  TMI can provide chemical treatment and fire protection on any modular boiler plant we build.

Download the Boiler Plant information sheet.

Choose TMI to design and build your modular Boiler Plant

From start to finish, any Modular Boiler Plant takes approximately 16-20 weeks to design, procure, manufacture, and install with proper coordination. You, as the customer, have control over major equipment vendors, including the boilers, pumps, and electrical gear.  With the integration of the industrial grade controls, the end user receives a system equal to or better than a traditional field built boiler plant.

Main Features

  • Complete electrical switchgear
  • Highly efficient variable primary hot water systems for condensing boilers
  • Cost effective variable secondary hot water systems for non-condensing boilers
  • PLC or HVAC based controls
  • Complete integration to plant facility management via Lon or BACnet
  • 3D CAD modeling for direct integration